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The world of Initial Coin Offerings is big business

What started out as modest way of earning funding for promising blockchain-based start-ups has turned into a veritable tidal storm of ICOs


ICO Lunched in 2017 alone

$6 billion

Amassed between all ICOs in 2017


Returns given by the best performing ICOs

Iconomat was created with the aim of ensuring that you, the user,

will never have to worry about missing another promising ICO ever again.

By using a manually-curated approach to synchronizing our database with CalendarX, we can ensure that each and every person will be kept up-to-date regarding their ICO of choice, all from the comfort of their own laptop and/or mobile device.

Among other things, you will be notified whenever:

Whitelisting starts

The KYC form becomes available to the public

Deadlines for all project milestones are announced (private sale, presale, crowdsale etc)

The ICO token is released and made available for trading on exchanges

BY and FOR the ICO community

We do not have partnerships in place with any specific ICOs, nor are we trying to pass judgment or influence your investment choices in any way.

We’re ICO investors ourselves. Our continued success is your continued success.

We’re dedicated to creating the perfect system for keeping track of all worthwhile ICOs, regardless of their size or chosen platform, a system that can greatly reduce the time and effort it takes to follow any given project from inception to fruition.

While our services is 100% free,

we do accept and are grateful for any kindly donations that come our way.



As the community grows and develops, we’ll take the time to announce the many wonderful surprises we have in store for our members.

Until then, happy ICO hunting and enjoy your stay on Iconomat

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