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Agora endeavors to spread fair and transparent elections around the world with end-to-end verifiable blockchain voting technology.

Whitelist: 11.06.18 - 14.08.18 Link
KYC: Yes

Agora ICO Public Sale

Completed on 23.08.19

Token: VOTE
Token Price:
Accept: ETH
Personal Cap: 1 ETH / TBA
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Percentage Available: 50.00%
Tokens Available for Sale: 500,000,000
Token Release: TBA
Private Sale: TBA
Presale: TBA
Sale Goal USD: 20,000,000
Sold in Presale USD: N/A

Additional information:

Formed in 2015, Agora is a Swiss-based voting technology company that has developed an end-to-end verifiable voting solution for governments and institutions. VOTE is the native token on the Agora network, which is used to incentivize and reward permissionless auditor nodes that validate cryptographic proofs, as well as permissioned witness nodes that process transactions for elections on the network.

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