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Perlin is a distributed ledger, hardening and generalizing the Avalanche consensus protocol: a partially-synchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol built on a metastable mechanism over a directed-acyclic-graph (DAG) to achieve extremely high throughput and scalability.

Whitelist: TBA

Perlin ICO Public Sale

23.08.19 - 25.08.19

Token: PERL
Token Price:
Accept: TBA
Personal Cap: TBA / TBA
Total Tokens: 1,033,200,000
Percentage Available: 36.74%
Tokens Available for Sale: 379,597,680
Token Release: TBA
Private Sale: TBA
Presale: TBA
Sale Goal USD: 28,700,000
Sold in Presale USD: N/A

Additional information:

Natively, Perlin is armed with a decentralized compute layer; supplying it with an engine that horizontally scales and processes all kinds of computational tasks you could imagine with extremely high throughput.

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